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  • Oliver Davis

Stop the Lower Thames Crossing

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Along with most other local people, I see the impact on local roads when the bridge is blocked, and how long it can take to return from south of the river. But a new road splitting our community in Thurrock is not the answer.

We already have some of the worst air pollution outside London, which is causing breathing difficulties for thousands of people every year, including our children. This road will make this worse. Option C was always the wrong choice and it’s not too late to stop it.

For a fraction of the £10 billion it is estimated this road would cost, we can provide new public transport links, including across the river, linking our community to those of north Kent, creating jobs and opportunities throughout the Thames Estuary region.

I will campaign against this road, I will press ministers to change course and I will fight it if you elect me as your MP at the next election.

Image copyright: ClemRutter. Licensed under creative commons.

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